10 Flower Mistakes Your Wedding Florist Wants You to Know

Creating mood boards and looking for inspirations for your bridal bouquet is fun, but getting down to business and coordinating the right colors and types of floral is another hurdle to get over with. How will you know which flowers are in season on this particular time of the year and how will you be able to maximize your budget? That is where the expertise of a wedding florist comes in.

Here, we will talk about 10 of the most common mistakes couples in Singapore make when it comes to planning for their wedding florals. These are the things your florist would want you to know before meeting with them.

1. Being unclear or dishonest of your likes and budget

After you have chosen your florist to design and arrange your wedding flowers, including the wedding car decor, it is important to work with them in an open and honest manner. Express your (realistic) expectations, your likes and dislikes and most importantly your budget. This way your florist will understand your choices and help you achieve the floral decor you want according to your requirements.

2. Trying to replicate inspirations

It’s common to see brides nowadays carrying photos, whether from a bridal magazine or Pinterest, and showing them to their florist like to replicate. Sorry to break your heart, but it’s almost impossible to recreate an exact image, no matter how skilled a florist is. Instead of insisting on replicating a certain design, trust mood fleur bridal flowers from Singapore. She can do so much better in tying together the look, feel and color scheme of your wedding floral decor.

3. Sticking only to certain colors

One of the most common mistakes bride tend to make is not considering other flower types and color palettes. Oftentimes, brides come up to their florists with color palettes and florals in mind. Any professional wedding florist would love to work with couples who can be flexible with their color and flower choices as it is easier to come up with designs that will complement their wedding theme and venue.

4. Assuming they need flowers in every corner of the venue

Some couples assume that they need to have floral arrangement on every reception table and in every corner of the wedding venue. They fail to realize that the venue gets filled up with guests, leaving some areas of the place unseen and unappreciated. To avoid unnecessary expenses on floral decor, spend your budget on a few statement pieces, and use candles and other less-expensive decor accessories in non-key areas of the venue.

5. Going for strongly scented flowers

Strongly scented floral centrepieces add to the romantic feel of the occasion, but it can be hard on your guests with allergies. For bridesmaid bouquets and table centrepieces, keep your flower selections unscented. If you must use aromatic flowers, save it for exterior arrangements, such for those outside the church and the wedding car decor. If you’re not allergic to scented blooms, you can use some on your bridal bouquet as well.

6. Ignoring the venue when choosing flowers

After signing the contract for the venue, couples usually start planning for their wedding flowers without considering the place’s existing look—or they just continue planning for the floral decor based on their gathered ideas prior to choosing a venue. Some major decor elements you should consider when planning for the wedding flowers are the venue’s overall color and style, as well as the linens and chairs. That way, your arrangements from https://www.moodfleur.com/ in Singapore will look cohesive with your venue.

7. Forgetting about timelines

An experience florist would want to know the timelines of the wedding. What time will the photographers arrive? This allows your florist to arrive on time with your floral arrangements and, so you will have your bridal bouquet and your groom will have his buttonholes for all those beautiful wedding preparation photos. Also, your florist would want to know how long the event would be to make sure the flowers stay fresh all throughout your wedding.

8. Being too ‘westernly’ with flower choices

American blogs often mention using in-season blooms to reduce wedding flower expenses, but sadly it doesn’t apply to couples here in Singapore. Since most of the flowers here are imported, it is the perennially available blooms that are more affordable—as opposed to in-season flowers from US, Australia, Holland, etc. Some of the perennial flowers in Singapore include mokara, dendrobium and chrysanthemums.

9. Ruling out expensive blooms

Do not be scared if your wedding florist suggests a few imported and pricey flowers. Yes, tulips and peonies can be a bit expensive, but they also cover up more space and create greater impact. For example, a bridal bouquet of colourful tulips creates more impact than a bouquet of red roses. If you’re really in a tight budget, discuss with your florist first how you can make the most bang for your buck.

10. Being too conventional

There’s nothing wrong with being a traditional bride, but don not limit yourself when it comes to planning your wedding flowers. Adding a unique and personal touch, like your mom’s veil or a rosary, to your bridal bouquet adds interest and meaning to ordinary flowers.

At the end of the day, your wedding florist only wants to make your wedding the grandest day you have ever dreamed of. By keeping these points in mind, you will have smoother sailing to planning your wedding.

This list is compiled in no particular order.