W A C O   By Laws



1.1  NAME: Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers (WACO)





2.1  STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to participate and promote amateur astronomy within the organization and the community.  In addition, the group will provide educational opportunities which promote astronomy through community presentations, star parties, and organizational meetings for anyone or group expressing a desire to learn more about astronomy.





3.1  MAILING ADDRESS: W.A.C.O., PO BOX 1721 FERNDALE WA 98248-1721





4.1  MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: The membership of the organization is open to anyone expressing an interest or desire to participate in activities related to astronomy

4.2  MEMBERSHIP DUES:  There is a twenty-one dollar ($21.00) annual payment for membership dues for acceptance into the organization. The term of membership begins on January 1 of each calendar year and terminates on December 31, unless renewed. New members shall pay prorated dues, at the current rate of $1.33/month, until the end of the calendar year. The amount is based on an annual $5.00/member fee for the Astronomical League, and $16.00 for the WACO club. Members may maintain an individual or family membership for the same annual dues payment, but family memberships shall have only one (1) vote and one copy of the Astronomical Society’s quarterly newsletter, “Reflector”. A family membership will be considered for one address only.

4.3  MEMBERSHIP ROSTER: The organization shall keep an up to date roster of the names, telephone numbers and addresses of the members of the organization.  The membership roster shall be distributed once annually to each paid member.  The roster will be distributed with the February newsletter.

4.4  VOTE OF MEMBERS:  Each individual shall have the right to vote in any and all matters which require their vote.  There is only one vote for each paid membership. (i.e. A family membership has only one vote.)

4.5  TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP:  Members may terminate membership at any time at their own discretion.  The unused portion of each membership will be refunded upon request of termination.  A member may be terminated by the organization if it is found that that persons actions prevent the organization from accomplishing it’s stated goals, and/or those activities are found to be detrimental to the organization, or criminal in nature.





5.1  MEETING TIMES:  The regular business of the organization shall be held the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM at a location specified in the organizations monthly newsletter.  Star parties are published in the monthly newsletter.

5.2  CHANGE OF MEETING TIMES:  Members will be notified of any change of meeting location, time, or date.



ARTICLE SIX: The Executive Board and Officers


6.1  The Officers shall manage the affairs of the organization.  In addition to the powers and authority expressly conferred by these by-laws, the Officers shall perform the requests of the total membership.

6.2.1        PRESIDENT:  The President has the responsibility to chair the meetings or designate another Executive Board Member or officer to chair the meetings in his/her absence.  The President also has the responsibility that all orders and resolutions of the members at large are acted on.

6.2.2        VICE-PRESIDENT:  The Vice President shall fill the duties of the President when the President is absent.  The Vice President shall be responsible for coordinating programs for the monthly membership meetings.

6.2.3        SECRETARY:  The Secretary shall keep a list of all members along with those person’s addresses and telephone numbers, shall keep minutes of all meetings, shall be responsible for all correspondence between the organization and individual or groups, and shall be responsible for coordinating the newsletter and mailing of notices of all meetings and activities to the general membership.

6.2.4        TREASURER:  The Treasurer shall be the custodial of all funds governed by the Executive Board and officers and shall keep on deposit in such financial institution as they direct.  The treasurer shall pay all bills and disperse funds at the direction of the board and officers.  All checks and disbursements issued by the organization shall be signed by the Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate account to be listed in the monthly newsletter.  The Treasurer is responsible for an audit at the conclusion of each calendar year, and shall be responsible for purchasing all materials required by the organization.

6.2.5        SEC/TREASURER:  The positions of Secretary and Treasurer shall be combined and filled by one person until such time as the membership finds the necessity of requiring separate positions.



ARTICLE SEVEN: Elections and Appointments


7.1.1        ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  The position of all officers shall have a term of one year.

7.1.2        ELECTIONS:  Nominations for Officers will begin with the November meeting.  Elections will be held during the February meeting.  Appointments will be made during the election process from a simple majority of voting members present.

7.1.3        VACANCIES, REMOVALS, AND/OR RESIGNATIONS:  Any Officer may be removed by the affirmative vote of a majority Officers plus no less than five voting members at large present at any given meeting.





8.1  BOARD MEETINGS:  Meetings of the Officers may be called at any time by the President or by a simple majority of the Officers.

8.2  ELECTION MEETING:  The February membership meeting shall serve as the election meeting for the purpose of electing Officers.

8.3  MEETING QUORUMS:  A quorum shall consist of three quarters of the Officers plus at least five voting members at large at any given meeting.



ARTICLE NINE: Amendments


9.1  AMENDMENTS:  These by-laws may be amended by two thirds vote of the general membership present and voting at any regular meeting or special meeting at which a quorum is present.  Each member must be provided with a written copy of the proposed amendments at least ten days prior to the meeting.