An Overview of the Urban Districts in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam has become a popular destination in Asia because of its fast-growing property investment ventures and commercial and industrial growth in the past several years. Formerly known as Saigon, the city is divided into 24 districts called Quan, each with distinct features and sites you need to see. Fortunately, investing in a Saigon apartment rental is affordable, whether you’re looking for a dream apartment for rent in district 2 or you want to live in the busiest central districts by closing a great deal for a condominium rental in district 1, there are a lot of choices awaiting you.

Here’s everything you need to know about the City with Two Names if you plan to look for your dream home in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is known as the capital of the southern part of Vietnam and rivals even the busy capital of Hanoi with its growing residential, commercial, and industrial enterprises and ventures from both local and foreign investors. Because of its dynamic modern and traditional characteristics, Ho Chi Minh City has attracted various international communities, making this area a viable option for vietnamese house rental among tourists and expats. In fact, there are districts or quan in HCMC that cater to foreign residents and tourists. Consequently, it has become easy to rent a house in district 3 for example, because of the growing demand for affordable but quality condominiums, apartments, villa rental, and houses in various urban districts.

Saigon, the former capital of Vietnam, began as a fishing village of the Khmer people before it was annexed during the Nguyen dynasty in the close of the 1600s. In 1950, it came under French rule until 1975 and was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the revolutionary leader who was instrumental in the independence movement against the French Union.

Ho Chi Minh City’s rich and colorful history is reflected in its architecture, food, and festivals. HCMCs tourism is a catalyst in the rise of the demands for Saigon apartment rental in this part of Vietnam because you can travel to other premium destinations in the country from the city. The atmosphere is also expat-friendly because HCMC in a major junction for public transportation systems and has plenty of world-class accommodations, restaurants and cafes, markets and shopping malls, hospitals, international schools and universities, and public offices.

12 HCMC Districts

Ho Chi Minh City has 24 districts, 19 if which are called the inner or urban districts, while the other 5 are considered suburban districts. If you plan to rent apartment in Saigon, it is important to determine which district you’re going to stay at because the price range for the villa rental or rent a house deals differ in each district. For example, in the busiest urban districts where most of the commercial and corporate offices are found, the cost of living is higher. If you cannot afford the posh condominiums in district 1 for example, you might want to consider apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City in the surrounding districts.

Transportation and access to hospitals, malls, and schools are also important factors, as well as considering which areas in specific districts have a lot of expats. This is why most expats rent apartment at HCMC in districts 3 and 5 because of the number of foreign residents in the area.

Not all of the district, however, are as crowded as district 1, and there are still a lot of affordable Saigon apartment rental deals waiting for you. Let’s look at 12 of the 24 districts in Ho Chi Minh City.

• District 1. Most of the upscale villa rental and posh apartments are found here, as well as high-end shopping malls, entertainment centers, and world-class restaurants and hotels. This is also the center for the region’s commercial and administrative activities. But if looking for the same level of opulence for a better price, you may want to stay in a condo at vin home binh thanh district for a more peaceful environment that’s just about 20 minutes drive from District 1.

• District 2. Considered a family-friendly district, this is an ideal place to look for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City if you’re taking your kids with you. It has several schools and rent a house deals perfect for a family of four.

• District 3. If you want peace and quiet, this is the best place to rent apartment at HCMC because it has several serviced apartments for busy workers and entrepreneurs who want to live within a few minutes of travel to district 1.

• District 4. It has the smallest area among all the districts, but you can still find plenty of options for apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City here. The district may be small, but it doesn’t fall short of attractions, restaurants and food stalls.

• District 5. This is considered the Chinatown of HCMC and is known for its delicious array of street food. This is the ideal place to look for an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City if you want affordable deals.

• District 6. It also has a large population of Chinese migrants and has plenty of pagodas and temples you need to see.

• District 7. This is the best place to look for a rent a house deal for families who want a long-term investment. The housing development in this district is the best.

• District 8. It’s less busy than the surrounding districts although you will find it difficult to find rental deals here.

• District 9. If you don’t want to live near the central districts, this is the best place to rent apartment in Saigon.

• District 10. This is the best place for people who want to explore Vietnam’s cuisine. It is also the ideal place for students looking for cheap lodging or for families with children who want to rent a house near some of the best schools in the country.

• District 11. It is known primarily for its water park and some pagodas.

• District 12. Tourists love the district for its several fishing spots, kite-flying activities, and historical landmarks.